Titan is our newest addition!  He is a 12 yo quarter horse gelding who's owner lost her job due to illness and wanted him to have a good life.  She didn't want him sold on Craigslist, so here he is.  He is in need of getting his vaccinations updated, worming and having his teeth floated.  If you can donate to cover any of these costs, it would be greatly appreciated!  

Titan is an appropriate name for him.  He is BIG in presence, tall and tankish and a little bit impatient.  He's been left alone for so long and has some lameness issues, we believe he's probably in pain and feels neglected.  Xrays and a vet workup are in the works.  Overall, he is a wonderful addition for Veterans to come out and work with.

If there is one word to describe Artemis, it's Sass.  This 13 year old haflinger mare is sweet and fiesty. We're guessing she was probably a broodmare since she doesn't know anything about driving or simple riding commands such as walk or trot.

While she was in quarantine, they noticed she had a scar around her left hind ankle and it abscessed and they put her on antibiotics.  We had them shoot an xray and low and behold, there was a wire deeply imbedded in it.  Once we brought them home, we scheduled our vet, Dr, Ginger Reagan of Reagan Equine, to come out.  She coordinated with an equine surgeon from NC State Veterinary Hospital and they removed it.  Now, she prances excitedly and grunts and squeals a lot... she's a happy girl!

Azali, aka Azzy, is a 12 year old haflinger mare that was picked up at an auction with her companion.  When we adopted them, Azzy was at least a hundred pounds underweight and had flaky skin and a sticky coat.  She is very gentle and has a kind demeanor and gets nervous when she is out of eyesight of her buddy, Artemis.  Probably used at a cart horse or plowing, she knows the commands to be driven from behind.  (We only used long lines, we didn't ask her to actually work!)  She is a gentle soul and we are blessed to have her with us.